Coming True

by Cantermare University

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    Coming True is the Official Fundraising album for Canterlot University: Reloaded, Singapore's first MLP:FiM convention. We have brought together artists from 4 different nations to bring you a diverse and awesome musical collection ranging from Singer/Songwriter all the way to Happy Hardcore EDM. We have something for everypony in Coming True!
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Note: Crystal Empire Records only facilitated the compilation, logistics, release and distribution of this album. All songs are distributed with explicit consent from the artists themselves. None of the artists in this project (Coming True) are associated nor signed under the label of Crystal Empire Records unless otherwise stated. All copyrights belong to the individual artists.


released June 22, 2014

Our Artists

MIU (Indonesia)
Amrita Soon (Malaysia)
Sound Flare (USA)
Bamboo Pony (Malaysia)
CoЯe-Ridor (Malaysia)
Galaxite (Malaysia)
Phin Pie (Singapore)
IceQB (Singapore)
ZAER (Singapore)
Daniel J. Anthony (Malaysia)

Project Coordinator: Daniel J. Anthony
Cover Art by Rachel Quah (Singapore) -
Tracklist Art by Gloomy Nyan (Singapore) - @GloomyDraws (Instagram)



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


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Track Name: MIU - Hymn to the Lands
Tha Prostatephi
Nossos Aeon

Omnis cranster ie bhaumea
Nos dich mhaid aper Maureea
Airfen ta rimhan post airfhym ie ragha beannachd

Nos Dich Ragha Hacdhe Infinit
Nos dich Ragha Filas Rhiomean
Airfen ta rimhan post fhym nos fas shinn Athron

Cranster dich indeas silbh yon dich daoisea
cranster dich mhaid schassa
Cranster dich aoional nich yon dich bhorei
Hymnens mane mhalas

Es prosteps airfen shinn Reghians
Is prosteps airfen shinn feels
Fas shinn filas proteps airfen shinn Daebhaum

Cranster dich mons yon dich anato
Cranster dich bhtir Iormea
Cranster dich acher scasser yon dich meridi
dos dich isleian yon dich siceas

Airfen ta rimhan post hymn
Airfen ta rimhan post canti
Ie bhaumea, airfen ta prosteps

Nos Aoion

Win Anima Dessos Psychia
Fere vellas Fornavita
Track Name: Amrita Soon - Chasing Raindrops
clouds like cotton candy
bringing back those memories
of you and me in a city full of dreams
one looked like a dinosaur
and you could almost hear it roar
the world was meant to be explored
so what do you say

cause we're making wishes on aeroplanes again
chasing raindrops from the car window
watching the moon as it followed us home

we were chasing raindrops from the car window
singing the songs cause we had no radio
and those melodies of memories
play out for you and me

climbing up the highest tree
looking down at all we see
was the world and all of it's beauty
laughing at everything you say
pretending to sleep when it's time for bed
you don't have to be afraid
I'll hold your hand

as the years go by
we'll live our own lives but don't forget me
and as we're growing up
don't forget the stuff
we used to believe in
Track Name: Sound Flare - Soaring Wish feat. AwkwardMarina
I ain't never been what I wanna be
Fate is holding me back from my destiny
There must be a way to soar out of this cold reality
But they all say I try
too hard to spread my wings and fly

What would you do if you were stuck here on the ground?
What would you do if there was evil all around?
No, I couldn't fight to save my life, not if I tried
Earth pony girl, I never had no strength or had no pride

Celestia will come for me
and take me where I ought to be
my soaring wish will come to life
I'll break the rules of gravity
You've got everything I will never get
Cloudy wonderlands that I could never visit yet
Here on the earth I'm not important, I am powerless
I want to be adventurous
but I'll never be a pegasus

Working the land I never planned to be this way
Faster than light you all take flight and fly away
No, I couldn't fight to save my friends from down below
Dear pegasus, please tell me all the secrets that you know

And you don't know what I would trade
to rise above and watch the town begin to fade
Everypony says that I'm afraid
but they don't know what I'm made of
And you don't know what I would give
to say I had a chance at where I wanna live
You say I'm afraid
but you don't know what I'm made of.